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The Carbon's Golden Malted Waffle Irons have been specifically designed for use with the Carbon's Golden Malted Flapjack (American Pancake) & Waffle Baker Programme.

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Auto-Start™ Timer:
No buttons to push after turning, baker will automatically engage
Electronic Timer and Thermostat:
Variable Time and temperature setting. Options include variable settings of 2 - 3 minute cook time. Digital count down timer
Stainless Steel Tubular Design:
Lightweight - easy to clean up. Half Size steam table pan inserts without lifting waffle baker.
Innovative Pop-Out Plate Technology:
Non-stick, changeable, solid aluminium grids.
Cool Touch Safety Handles:
Safe and easy grasp design.

• 220 Volts A/C   • 1300 Watts   • Height 260mm Closed   • Height 590mm Open   • Width 300mm
  • Overall Length 625mm   • Weight: 9,5kg

Carbon's Golden Malted South Africa

Now, you can add the exclusive 'Better Batter' Dispenser to your Carbon's Golden Malted Flapjack (American Pancake) & Waffle Mix Programme!

It's exclusive, simple, clean, and easy to use! For best results, keep the flour mix and batter refrigerated at all times.

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Designed 'exclusively' for Carbon's Golden Malted Flapjack (American Pancake) & Waffle Mix Programme
Ultimate waffle mix dispensing system for self-service applications
Provides a professional presentation
Ergonomic 'state of the art' design
Stainless Steel cabinet blends with any/all interior designs
Two year warranty
Offers single serve portion control advantages
Less product waste; reduces cup waste
Maintains waffle batter at required temperatures
Improves batter shelf life
Tamper resistant packaging
Meets or exceeds health department requirements
NSF approved
Eliminates bucket and whisk cleanup (wash/sanitize)
Easy to clean, no mess
Sealed polypropylene container
Eliminates potential product contamination
Easy to Use:
Allows for mix presentation 24 hours in advance
Dispenser offers space saving advantages
Requires no electric
Faster mix load and restocking
Allows for unused product to be refrigerated until next day
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