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Equipment Loan Agreement:

PLEASE NOTE: All Carbon's Golden Malted equipment remains the property of NAVILDU BUSINESS ENTERPRISES CC and is not for sale.

  • The title to and right of possession of the equipment shall remain with the Lesser at all times, as it is not contemplated by the parties that there is to be any sale of the same. User will, upon demand, redeliver the equipment promptly to the Lesser, and the Lesser shall have the right to change or substitute other equipment for, remove or take back the equipment at anytime for any reason.
  • User shall not encumber or remove the equipment from his place of business or deliver it into the possession of any other person without the written consent of the Lesser.
  • User shall keep the equipment in good condition, other than reasonable wear and tear, and if damaged, destroyed or lost by fire, theft or any other case whatsoever shall pay Lesser the full value thereof.
  • User shall use the equipment at his own risk and agrees to hold Lesser free and harmless from and against and indemnify it from any and all liability in any way arising out of any injury, damage or accident resulting from the use, operation or condition of the equipment.
  • If user breaches this agreement, user shall pay Lesser all costs incurred in its enforcement, including attorney's fees.
  • This document constitutes the entire agreement and no promises or representations have been made by either party or their agents except as herein set forth. No waivers or modifications shall be valid unless written upon or attached hereto.
  • This equipment shall be used for the sole purpose of making or dispensing Lesser's Carbon's Golden Malted Waffles.
  • The Lesser has read and understands this agreement.
  • The Lesser agrees to pay local taxes if applicable.
  • Cleaning is the responsibility of the user.
  • NAWILDU BUSINESS ENTERPRISES CC requires a one case minimum usage per month per waffle baker by cash to retain equipment.
  • The property rights of user's equipment will remain the property of NAWILDU BUSINESS ENTERPRISES CC at all times. Should NAWILDU BUSINESS ENTERPRISES CC discontinue service, transfer, and/or sell distribution rights, equipment would remain the property of the newly.
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